About BeYondBeYoutiful!

BeYondBeYoutiful was brought together based off overcoming all of the doubt I, Erlonda(CEO) had within myself! There were many years of struggling to like what I seen in the mirror! And on top of every insecurity I faced out of the blue came the medical condition psoriasis covering over half of my body, face included! So to try and overcome the mental part of not feeling beautiful, I tried masking it and hiding behind it! Then, I got into Cosmetics! And oh boy, the makeup wakes up the inner beauty and baddie everytime!! But when that's removed, what's left? The flaws I still wanted to hide! And when I was in my natural state I still didn't feel beautiful like I should have! Then I had 2 little girls that I have to be an example for, so let me find a solution!! From my many years of schooling, knowledge, and research I created natural products that didn't feel like a medical treatment yet they delivered better results! And my skin has not been this clear in years!! So BeYondBeYoutiful is my outlet to other girls and women that the beauty they wish to feel first starts within, no matter what form they're in!! Even though I took I huge love for makeup,, my love now for myself is even bigger in my natural state! So I never want anyone to feel trapped or feel the need to hide,, because whether you're in natural state or beat to the God's the love that you have for yourself will shine through with CONFIDENCE! And confidence is contagious! CONFIDENCE IS THE BEST FORM OF BEAUTY!!

So HI, my name is Erlonda Harris and I am the Ceo and founder of BeyondBeyoutiful LLC.  And I finally know that I am forever BeYondBeYoutiful Boo!❤